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In Wall or Floor Leak Repair

Water leak Pipe repair Call Peerless Plumbing, Sewer and Drain Repair uses  the Nu Flow “Nu Drain” system in Phoenix 602-265-5508

With Nu Flow “Nu Drain” there is No Digging!
Trenchless repair means your floors, yard, trees, deck
and driveway are left untouched! Less time, less mess,
less money!
The Right Experience
Your certified Peerless Sewer and drain Plumber has the training and experience to get the job done right with Epoxy pipe restoration system.
Nu Flow’s “Nu Drain” pull-in-place method can handle even the
most difficult repairs including large vertical pipes and
multiple bends.
Permanent Solution
By creating a pipe inside a pipe, Nu Flow’s “Nu Drain”  process
means no more hard scale build-up or root intrusion

 In Phoenix Call 602-265-5508




PRI Booklet-04.13 FINALFor in wall leaks even pin whole leaks Peerless Sewer and Drain Repair a patented  system to line restore your existing pipes. No need to tear out walls or break threw tile.
The Nu Flow “Nu Drain” system is based on pipe restoration technology without replacing pipe. That’s right. We restore pipes right within the walls, without tearing them out.
This proven, patented technology has been used by leading hotel brands, US Army Corps of Engineers, US Department of Defense,
Governments of Spain, and thousands of building owners. Nu Flow is accepted by the nation’s leading homeowners insurance companies. Through an international network of company owned and licensed applications, Nu Flow is installed in homes, hotels, hospitals, and schools, providing proactive water leak and contamination protection.
Stops Pinhole leaks