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Commercial Leak Repair

Commercial Pipe Repair Phoenix

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Nu Flow “Nu Drain” epoxy pipe restoration system is perfect for commercial plumbing repairsĀ  No matter the size of the building or Complex Peerless Plumbing can locate and repair leaks without destruction to the Commercial property.

Using HD Cameras inserted into the Commercial Plumbing, leaks are located the the Peerless Plumbing’s Nu Flow “Nu Drain” Epoxy Pipe restoration system goes to work to locate leaks within the plumbing.

This video it will demonstrate the process for a commercial application or high rise.

Imagine fixing leaks in a 10 story building without wall or floor destruction, business have far less interruption and no dust or dirt from destruction. At last there is an answer for both you and your leasers for a fast and permanent fix, and water flow as good or better than before.

Call Peerless Sewer and Drain home of the Nu Flow “Nu Drain” System of Arizona a division of Peerless Plumbing in Phoenix Arizona and take care of any water leaks in your Commercial Plumbing today.