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1. Safe and Durable

The Nu Flow “Nu Drain” pipe cleaning process is safe and simple. It does not use toxic chemicals or mechanical devices. This patented pipe lining method utilizes a closed system safe for inside buildings and their surroundings. Removed corrosion products do not require special handling for disposal. The epoxy meets or exceeds the physical properties set forth in ASTM standard F-1743 for CIPP rehabilitation and ASTM standard F-1216 for inversion rehabilitation. Peerless Plumbing’s team of licensed and Nu Drain Trained plumbers are located in Phoenix and ready to help.

2. Cost Effective Plumbing Service

Building and ground demolition is unnecessary with Nu Drain in-place Pipe restoration, making the process highly cost-effective over traditional pipe replacement. there is no need to jackhammer thick concrete in order to access underground drain lines. Extended downtime and related loss of revenue to business is therefore alleviated. there is no need for subcontractors to reconstruct access areas.

3. Nu Flow “Nu Drain” is Flexible

The Peerless Plumbing Nu Drain process can be applied wherever drain plumbing systems are installed: residential properties, Schools, hotels, office buildings, skyscrapers, hospitals, manufacturing facilities, municipal structures and federal properties. A wide variety of pipe materials can be cleaned and lined, including metal, iron, steel, PVC, fiberglass, clay and concrete. Structural liners can be installed in a variety of piping applications such as piping laterals, vertical stacks, elbow in all configurations, above and underground piping system risers, gradient piping,branches etc. the process will also accommodate a single pipe segment as short as 10 feet or as long as a 1000 feet.

4.Nu Flow “Nu Drain” is Fast

Nu Flow In-place epoxy pipe restoration is quick and involves little or no disruption to ongoing resident, tenant, student, personnel or public activities. Temporary drain bypass systems can be installed to reduce any disruption to the property. Within hours, the epoxy will cure and the piping system returns to an operational state.

5. Guaranteed 

At Peerless Plumbing All drain Nu Flow “Nu Drain” lining restoration work performed includes a full 10 year installation guarantee. The epoxy lining installed for drain and vent applications has a life span of approximately 50 years.


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