Nu Flow “Nu Drain” in Arizona

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Peerless Sewer and Drain Repair and Epoxy Pipe Restoration is Phoenix’s most experienced “No Dig” & “Trenchless” epoxy pipe lining company in Phoenix Arizona


When you start getting leaks in your house water pipes don’t call just any plumber, it is time to call Peerless Plumbing the original Arizona Nu Flow “Nu Drain” Plumber in Arizona, Epoxy Pipe Restoration  Specialist, Serving Phoenix and all of Arizona for over 30 years.

Nu Flow “Nu Drain”of Arizona can locate leaks clean out pipes and place a epoxy liner stopping all leaks WITHOUT THE COST OF DESTRUCTION AND RECONSTRUCTION. Making your pipes as good as knew.

The cost of tearing up and replacing Tile, Carpet, Foundation and Walls are all eliminated. You read correctly, With epoxy pipe restoration you avoid all those cost and your pipes are like new again in just one day.

Nu Flow “Nu Drain” in Phoenix Arizona Epoxy Pipe Restoration system is based on pipe “In Pipe” restoration technology. That’s right. We restore pipes right within the walls, without tearing them out. Or in the case of the sewer Line a second system is used we can repair without the need to tear into your floors.
This proven Nu Flow “Nu Drain” Epoxy Pipe Restoration systems, patented technology has been used by leading hotel brands, US Army Corps of Engineers, US Department of Defense, Governments of Spain, and thousands of building owners. Our epoxy pipe restoration system is accepted by the Phoenix Arizona’s leading homeowners insurance companies.
Through an international network of company owned and licensed applications.

Nu Flow ArizonaLeak Detection
Slab Leak Repairs
Repiping Reroutes/Pipe Repair
Drywall Repair/Texture Matching,
Gas Line & Sewer Line
Trenchless Sewer Pipe Relining

Plumbing ROC k-37  176988   Pipe Restoration ROC k-5 NO 250050    Drywall ROC k-5 NO 184933

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